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Our leading product with a very strong feature set. Has the ability to control the smallest of engines to the largest you may want to build. The known record so far is 2175 hp in Robert Christell's Beast.

Key Features

  • Sequential Control of up to 8 banks of injectors
  • Built in transistorised coil igniters for up to 8 coils
  • Built in Wideband controller
  • Turbo friendly features such as Exhaust Gas Temperature, Anti-lag, and boost control
  • Configurable control of low and high current drivers for lights, relays and solanoids
  • Field upgradable software
  • High Quality Case and Sealed Connectors
  • Datalogging via serial connection or optional SD card interface
  • Advanced Idle Air Control

VEMS utilizes an advanced RISC microprocessor and surface mounted component technology, with state of the art electronics to allow you to precisely control your engine.

Ask your regional VEMS dealer for more information

VEMS is manufactured in the E.U.

VEMS can be configured to use almost any standard OEM sensor for:

  • Throttle position
  • Coolant temperature
  • Air temperature
  • Crank and Cam sensors - configurable for the standard OEM configurations such as Ford 36-1, GM/Bosch 60-2, Audi 5 cylinder 135 tooth as well as being customizable for many different timing strategies
  • Manifold Pressure through a choice of either 250kpa or 400kpa built-in pressure sensor, or an external OEM type
  • External fuel and exhaust pressures

Additionally VEMS also has the built in ability to control:

  • Integrated Wideband O2 Controller utilizing the low cost Bosch LSU4 sensor
  • Knock sensor
  • Up to 2 Exhaust Gas Temperature sensors


Throughout the development of VEMS, Customization has been the focus. The number of driver channels are as plentiful as the ways of configuring their operation. Outputs can be triggered by temperature, rpm, throttle position, or air pressure.

6 Low current drivers providing control for relays (fuel pump, fan, water pump) or lights (shift light, activation light, MIL)
8 High Current solenoid drivers that can be configured to control:

  • Fuel Injectors
  • Variable cam timing solenoids (VTEC, VVT etc)
  • Idle air controllers
  • Nitrous solenoids
  • Boost controllers

VEMS features an advanced injector control system, which can control high impedence injectors with incredible precision.

Coil drivers are built in and can be specified when purchasing a unit, up to 8 ignition coil drivers can be fitted, which can be configured to run single coils, wasted spark coil packs or Coil On Plugs. Because the coil control is built in VEMS has full control with coil charge/dwell times

Price: $700.00

Type of trigger for the primary engine trigger, usually on the crankshaft

Type of trigger for the secondary engine trigger, usually on the camshaft

Select which range MAP sensor you need, and whether it's internal or external