Oil/Fuel Pressure Sending Unit

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100 PSI oil pressure sensor
100 PSI oil pressure sensor100 PSI oil pressure sensor
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This is a sending unit for oil pressure, fuel pressure, or any other 0-100psi pressure. Can be fed into the VEMS ECU Analog Input to monitor the pressure.

Input is 5V and Gnd, with a 0-5V output linear to 0-100psi.
Pin 1: Gnd
Pin 2: 5V
Pin 3: 0.5-4.5V pressure signal output for 0-100 psi (slope appr: 4V / 7 bar, or 1V/25psi)

0.5V = 0psi
1.0V = 12.5psi
1.5V = 25psi
2.0V = 37.5psi
2.5V = 50psi
3.0V = 62.5psi
3.5V = 75psi
4.0V = 87.5psi
4.5V = 100psi

Connector is included.

Thread is 1/8NPT

Price: $60.00